Service agreement

Ownership of the Platform

In accordance with Article 10 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce ( "LSSI"), we hereby inform you that on page hosted platform web URL (the "Platform") is operated by A2 LOGICA SA ( "Hereinafter DGCARD"). You can learn more about DGCARD sending an email to the following email address [email protected]

2. Conditions of Service Provision
2.1 Acceptance of Terms of Service Performance
These conditions of service provision ( "CPS") regulate the discharge of a user ( "Registered User") in the service of creating and sending virtual cards provided through the Platform for DGCARD (the "Service" ) as well as the granting of a license to use this platform. In addition, certain sections of the CPS present shall apply to any Internet user who accesses the website (accepting such users these Terms of Use, as they may be applicable, by the mere fact of accessing the website) .
Access to and use of the Platform by the Registered User assumed that it fully accepts and agrees to comply with each and every one of the terms and conditions contained in the CPS present in the General Conditions, in any other legal texts accepted by the Registered User and Privacy Policy Platform. Click if you want access to this Privacy Policy (link box privacy policy)
The Registered User must carefully read the CPS present in each of the occasions on which it intends to use the platform as the CPS may change.

2.2 Conditions of use of the Platform
For the use of the Platform it is the Registered User must be of legal age and have full legal capacity.
To become a Registered User, the acquisition of a license to dealers of DGCARD and filling in the registration form will be required, once access the management panel with keys USER and PASSWORD provided at purchase .
DGCARD reserves the right to reject any application for registration as a Registered User, without having to justify that decision.
The Registered User agrees not to use the Platform for fraudulent purposes, and not to carry out any that behavior may damage the image, interests and rights of DGCARD or third parties. Also, the Registered User agrees not to take any action in order to damage, disable or overload the platform, or impede, in any way, the normal use and operation thereof.
It informs the Registered User in the event that violates the content of CPS present, the Privacy Policy or any other terms or conditions contained in the Platform, DGCARD reserves the right to limit, suspend or terminate your Platform access adopting technical measures that are necessary for this purpose.
Also, DGCARD reserves the right to take such measures in the event that reasonably suspect that the Registered User is violating any of the terms and conditions contained in the above instruments.
The Platform will be available every day of the year, twenty-four (24) hours a day, producing only interruption of service for maintenance or force majeure. DGCARD notified well in advance of service interruptions and ensure that they do not involve the impossibility of total use of the Platform. The Registered User expressly agree that such interruptions not confer the right to request DGCARD payment amounts for unavailability of the Service.
Finally, we inform the Registered User DGCARD reserves the right to, at any time, decide on the continuation of services of the society of the information provided through the Platform.

2.3 Platform Operation Area Registered User
Upon completion of the process as registered members, whenever you want to access the services offered by the Platform you must enter your username and password. In the event that the Registered User forget this information, please send an email to [email protected] requesting information retrieval or selecting the "Remember my password" in the URL

Each registered user has a personal page or section where you can modify your data.

On the other hand, it has a number of additional sections on the platform that will allow to perform the following actions:

Change the internal content by the own managers of the tool, as its data and content of such a tool.

Change visual content of such a tool, like color and original photos.

Change your password and personal data shortcut.

2.4 Procedure for license renewals to use the Service and low as a Registered User.
For the renewal of the license to use the service, the customer must pay the amount for that service. It will communicate with 30 days in advance by mail and / or SMS to mobile phone you provided.

We inform you that may apply to low, at any time, as a Registered User, by sending the application by mail to [email protected]
Similarly, the absence of renewal of the license to use the Service will cause low.

We also inform you that your low as registered members result in loss of all information included in the Platform. To this end, DGCARD offers within a week since its low for the unloading and storage of this information is confirmed.

2.5 Intellectual Property on the contents of the Platform. Use Licenses
The intellectual property rights over the disposition of the contents of the Platform (sui generis right on the content), graphic design (look and feel), programs underlying computer (including source code), and the various elements that make the platform and applications (text, graphics, photographs, videos, sound recordings, etc.) (the "Content") correspond to DGCARD or its licensors. With regard to the distinctive signs included in the Platform (trademarks and trade names) and / or applications, they are owned by DGCARD or its licensors. With regard to the distinctive signs included in the Platform for DGCARD (trademarks, trade names, logos or any distinctive signs) (the "Marks") are the same exclusive ownership or its licensors.
The use of the Platform by the Registered User does not involve the transfer of any intellectual property rights and / or industrial on the Platform, Content and / or distinctive signs of DGCARD. To this end, by these Terms of Use, except in those cases where it is legally permitted or mediate prior authorization of DGCARD, it is expressly prohibited Registered User reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, availability, extraction and / or reuse of the Platform, its Content, or use in any way distinctive signs of DGCARD.
Obtaining condition Joined Platform involves the granting of a license by DGCARD the same on the Contents and the distinctive signs: (i) nonexclusive, nontransferable; (Ii) limited to the territory of origin of the user; (Iii) limited the term of the contractual relationship between DGCARD and the Registered User; and (iii) limited the use of the Registered User Platform must perform for the enjoyment of the contracted services. The Registered User may not make any use of the Content and distinctive signs outside the Platform. DGCARD Registered User guarantees the peaceful exercise of the rights licensed. The Registered User shall not in any way sublicense to third parties the usage rights granted in this paragraph on the rights of intellectual property ownership DGCARD.
The Registered User is obliged to respect the current regulations concerning rights of intellectual and industrial property in force at all times, and not to commercially exploit in any way any of the Contents and / or logos made available through the service. The Registered User represents and warrants to DGCARD is legitimate holder of the rights of intellectual property on any content included in the Platform or, where appropriate, have the necessary licenses. Accordingly, the Registered User represents and warrants that the inclusion in the Platform of the aforementioned content, in no way infringe the intellectual property rights or any other of any third party.
The Registered User grants a license to DGCARD on the contents that can be incorporated into the platform, nonexclusive, nontransferable, free and limited to the territory of the Kingdom of Spain character, with the sole purpose of DGCARD technically run shipments of virtual business cards, as well as for the provision of content to the receivers of these virtual cards. Such license shall be limited to the duration of the contractual relationship between the Registered User and DGCARD.

2.6 Policy links. Linked sites
We have included various technical devices of links to the Registered User to access other websites and / or social networks (ie public profiles DGCARD has created in social networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+) ( "Sites Warped "). In these cases, DGCARD acts as an intermediary service provider, in accordance with Article 17 of the LSSI, except as regards DGCARD official profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+. According to the provisions of that legislation, DGCARD not be liable for the services and content provided through the Linked Sites, unless you have actual knowledge of the illegality and has not disabled the link with due diligence.
In any case the existence of Linked Sites behaves recommendation, promotion, identification or DGCARD compliance with demonstrations, content or services provided through the Linked Sites. Consequently, DGCARD not responsible for the content of the Linked Sites or their conditions of use and privacy policies, being the registered user solely responsible for check and accept each time you access and use them.
In the event that the Registered User considers that existing in the Linked Sites illegal, harmful, degrading, violent or inappropriate content, you can make it known to DGCARD through the following email address: [email protected] However, such communication in no case entail an obligation to DGCARD to remove the link, not necessarily imply effective knowledge of DGCARD of the unlawfulness of the contents of the Linked Sites, for the purposes of the provisions of the regulations.

2.7 Liability and warranty service DGCARD
The Registered User must know that communications through open networks are exposed to a number of threats that make them unsafe. It is the responsibility of the Registered User to take all appropriate measures to reasonably control these threats, including having updated malware detection systems, such as viruses, Trojans, etc. software technical measures and patches have updated security corresponding browsers. For more information you can go to your service provider of Internet access that can provide solutions suited to their needs. DGCARD not responsible for damages caused to the Registered User as a result of risks inherent in the means employed, or those caused by vulnerabilities in their systems and tools. DGCARD does not ensure total security of their systems and although it has taken appropriate security measures can not be completely ruled out the existence of vulnerabilities and therefore the Registered User must use caution in interacting with the platform.
DGCARD only be liable for damages caused by the use of the Platform, when such damages are directly caused by intent or gross negligence of DGCARD and if there has been no negligence by the Registered User. Also, to the maximum extent permitted by law, DGCARD assumes no tort, contractual or any other liability to the Registered User and third parties. DGCARD not be responsible under any circumstances for lost profits or opportunities or fines of any kind, even though DGCARD has been advised of the possibility of such damages, unless these were attributable to him. DGCARD assumes no obligation to control the use by Registered User Service. Therefore, it does not guarantee that the Registered User uses the same as set out in the CPS, nor is required to verify the identity of users or the accuracy, validity, completeness and / or authenticity of the data that the user registered provided. The limitation of liability mentioned in the preceding paragraphs shall not affect or impair the rights that may legally be applicable in favor of the Registered User. The maximum amount of liability of DGCARD be reflected in paragraph 3.6 of the General Terms and Conditions. In particular, DGCARD not be responsible, among others:

• Any damages of any kind caused to the Registered User computers by viruses, worms, Trojan horses or any other harmful elements.
• Damages of any type in the Registered User resulting in failures or disconnections in telecommunications networks that produce the suspension, cancellation or interruption of service or operation of the Platform. In this regard, the Registered User acknowledges that access to the Platform requires services provided by third parties outside the control DGCARD (for example: telecommunications network operators, service providers, etc.) whose reliability, quality, continuity and operation does not correspond to DGCARD or part of its responsibility to ensure service availability.
• From the information of third parties in cases where the service provider acts as intermediary in the sense given by the LSSI, except where actual knowledge and not withdrawn from the corresponding information.
• From breaches of rules of intellectual property by the Registered Users and, especially, downloading content, made available to third thereof, as well as loss and / or use undue third party your username and password.
DGCARD not be responsible for the procurement procedures of licensing or prices or contractual conditions established by unauthorized distributors face to registered users.
DGCARD answerable only to registered users of the availability and functionality of the Service and Platform.

2.8 Treatment of personal data in the Platform
Aspects relating to the processing of personal data Registered User occasion of the use of the Service and Platform are regulated in the Privacy Policy and the accompanying legal texts to the various forms of data collection included in the Platform .

2.9 Applicable Law
In accordance with Article 3 of the LSSI, the laws applicable to the Service and use of the Platform will be the Kingdom of Spain.
Should any of the provisions of the present CPS is declared invalid, it will proceed to the removal or replacement of it. In any case, such invalidity shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions contained in these CPS.

3. Terms of
3.1 Information
These General Terms and Conditions are applicable to high on the Service. Thus, hiring the Service is governed by the General Terms and Conditions at any given time are in force and are accepted by the Registered User, independence that there may be particular conditions applicable to the Service. The high in the Service may be effected only by Registered User who have previously purchased a license to dealers.

Registration procedure in the Service

The high in the service takes place at the time when the Registered User fill in the registration form and accept the CPS, the Privacy Policy, the General Conditions of Contract or any other conditions that may apply, by click on the button "agree?" included in this form.

3.2 Price, payment and invoicing
At present it is not offered to users who access the web page on which the platform is housed, the acquisition of the necessary license for discharge and contracting the Service. The only way to register is the prior acquisition of a license to dealers, Right of withdrawal Registered User The Registered User acknowledges that the Service consists of a digital content without support material whose access and use is started automatically after confirming its high in the Platform and the Service. By clicking on the button: "you agree?" The Registered User agrees and acknowledges that it loses its power to exercise the right of withdrawal conferred by the rules of consumers and users in their favor. Similarly, the Registered User declares having been clearly informed and at the time of discharge of the circumstances.
This must be understood regardless of the right of withdrawal that may correspond against the authorized user in the event that had acquired the license but have not yet been discharged from the service reseller.

3.3 Documentary confirmation
Upon completion of the registration process in the Service and Platform, an e-mail to Registered User within a maximum period of twenty-four (24) hours, which shall contain the following information be submitted: (i) personal data; (Ii) confirmation of username and password; and (iii) a copy of the CPS, General Conditions and any other conditions that may apply.

In the event you do not see the confirmation of the contract on your computer once the operation is carried high, you must immediately notify our customer service through our email address [email protected], facilitating data which you have the operation performed and a telephone or mail contact in order to check and confirm their high or not in the Service. In any case, repeat operation again high, without having made the finding that there has been not made properly.

In the event that has occurred erroneous data entry in the registration procedure, you must use one of the methods mentioned in the previous paragraph.

On the other hand, if you do not receive the email Confirmatory within twenty-four (24) hours high on the Service, please inform us of this fact in the phone number or address listed above email.

Finally, we inform you that you can consult at any time any of the data relating to the discharge through the Service Platform, requesting such information by email to [email protected]

3.4 Liability
The Registered User acknowledges and agrees that the maximum liability of DGCARD compared to the same that may arise from high and use of the Service is limited to the amount, if any, the Registered User paid to the authorized reseller.

3.5 Stipulations several
In the event that any provision contained in these General Terms and Conditions is declared invalid, it will proceed to the removal or replacement of it. In any case, such invalidity shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions contained in the General Terms and Conditions.

3.6 Language, Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
Hiring may be conducted only in Spanish, English and Portuguese, prevailing in Castilian.

These General Terms and Conditions, and any other matter relating to the use and recruitment of Bids shall be governed by the provisions of the laws of the Kingdom of Spain. Any dispute that may arise between the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the City of Madrid or, where appropriate, at the address of the Registered User in the event that it is considered a consumer.

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